Saturday, July 07, 2001

At Sixes and Sevens? Try the infinite Eights, and be compensated for what you like to do.

I like to create, negotiate, facilitate, infuriate, irritate, masturbate, reciprocate & mate, concentrate, infiltrate, exculpate, incubate, frustrate, berate, rate, regulate, relate, evaluate, dissipate, state, expiate, castrate, substantiate, intimate, imitate, fluctuate, innovate, activate, emancipate, illuminate, hate, write 888, the infinite, to compensate and be compensated in return; and better than to eat, I like to say I ate.

Do I like to govern? No. It's not one of the eights.

I like to list.

I like to imagine.

Being profligate, I don't like to serve, preserve, reserve, deserve or conserve, but choose the reverse, which is to converse.

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