Monday, July 09, 2001

The behind the scene drama continues as the perfectly cast lead, Regina Spector, suffers from a throat infection. At first I thought it was unbelievable flakiness but Lach said she cancelled her Sidewalk shows and asked him for a good throat doctor. Apparently she is suffering from a serious, oh it's there. Then my song for Ben, the flatulant farmer, turns out to be in the show, bringing its minutes up to forty, furthermore, a slide projector I acquired when Mary Robinson moved to Georgia, oh, I've mentioned her in another context, she has a memorable appearance most readily characterized by mixing carly simon with a young shirley maclane... Well, I actually bought it from her after she left it, hell that was in 1982..., well, it's almost time to replace the bulb.. we're using the projector in the show to show the slides of the marionettes... they were beautiful, well, to add to the oddity of this lead's sickness is the loss of the puppets, left in a taxi a week before they were realized to be missing, now that's a priority issue because these beautiful creations of such craft and talent are nothing compared to the thing that any male and female of similar gene pool and minimal or even minus minimal intelligence can produce. Lose the dolls, because the important thing is the real thing, the baby. Don't lose the organic creation (...out the baby with the bathwater), let go of the craft. I didn't leave the baby in the taxi, I left the, well, everything in proportion, and me, no children, well, my friends and family have my love. My creations, what are they against the organic forms. Art. Making the dolls, making the babies, it's all there in Coppelia, should you wish to further meditate on the subject. Anyway, the future awaits us, It's OPENING NIGHT!

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