Friday, July 20, 2001

Hey, what's going on here? For one thing VH1 is running a Stevie Nicks Piano Recital version of Rhiannon, the Gaelic Goddess, but more specifically, as this little entry makes its way down the page, where did those little links up there come from??? "Archive," "Email," Tony Hightower's been working here. He told me to get up (he's a control freak) and what a pleasure to see him take the controls. Therefore, I can only imagine what he did (you can actually edit your blogger's html!), and thanks are in order. He's off to his performance at The Rising Cafe, where the sun also rises, in Brooklyn!

Now that we have cable and have given ourselves over to the Warner Brothers... Check out public access. Four stations in Manhattan, 53 67 63 67 are those them, wait, I have the guide page which they slipped in with the $120 bill. 34, 56, 57 and 67. Damn, I missed Dave's Place which is on every other Friday at 7:30. Oh well, next time, next time, August 3rd, tune in for when Peter Dizozza talks about Prepare to Meet Your Maker.

So I get up, he takes the controls, he experiments and discovers the way. I become the slave; he the master. Great idea, hire a facilitator!

And for the results, thanks, Tony!

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