Wednesday, August 01, 2001

I'm still suffering from pro-choice on mental health interruptus. We only played four songs from the performance on Sunday! It has created a strong incentive to book another show. Joe Bendik played with us and he's already called Hens and Jordan to play with him. Maybe we can book one big night to officially release the PConMH CD. One of the audience members who bought the CD on Sunday told me to get it into Kim's Video in case he reviews it.

Kim's Video was originally a Dry Cleaner that began renting VHS tapes. Meanwhile, the North West Corner of 2nd Avenue and St Marks (E.8th St) was a movie theatre. There I saw Evil Dead. Suddenly Kim's was an underground video store on the second floor by what was once this movie theatre, and foreign obscure films became available there. What a gallery that second floor was! Now it's moved up nearer Third Avenue. That's the big store with three flights at least, and it also carries underground music. There are other locations, one conveniently across from Sidewalk. There is also a Kim's Dry Cleaner (These are on Avenue A). Remember when all the corner deli's suddenly became operated by a Miss Kim?

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