Wednesday, September 05, 2001

After the Porters Union concluded their PTMYM Electric Ladyland Recording session, Kessel and Kenny Davidsen were talking about a song I had obsessed about as a child. Gilbert O'Sullivan said his parents were alive and well, yet he pulled our heart strings, and it sounded great. You know that song... John Kessel intends to sing it. I liked singing it, with a bounce, singing a final lyric about how I made up the whole thing on the advice of my manager, but hey, it's simply a fine song. And looking back over the years, and whatever else that appears... Congratulations, Mr. O'Sullivan.

Tony showed me Aimster a few months ago and, after losing my hard drive and toying with it as a slave drive, I was Aimster-up-and-running in a matter of seconds. Kim was watching Wiseman's High School. The Simple Simon Song was on the screen and playing off the computer almost concurrently.

The computer plays the great pop song, Alone Again Naturally, good heavens, such a pretty song. Good acoustic guitar solo!

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