Monday, May 10, 2021

Magic in the Universe

The term, Magic, is our term, we who create and use language. We of science reject it. To say there is or is not magic in the universe is to apply our language to what are to us mysteries. Even after we create explanations there is the magic in those explanations achieving results. The scientific balances we establish through measurement are signs of consistency in the laws we discover through the application of our numeric systems. Somewhat sadly I add that the explanations proving or disproving the existence of magic, going one way or the other, do not make a difference. Time establishes outcome and we exist as segments in time. We are always estimating our expectations of achievements and there are always surprises that after the fact seem like we knew them all along. So with the intent of building upon a foundation of something already established, I assemble upon remnants of my own work. It's not that I revere my creatiivities. I use them as reference. I am a product of my attempts at applying systems of randomness, of action without reason, and of magic in the universe. I am evidence that the application of those systems is achieving outcomes according to plan. This is my delusion. All my work is a product of it, making all my work an exercise in futility. The prospects of achievement cannot be included in this process without stopping the process. I have not stopped the process but going forward is an act of faith, or of my not needing or expecting any return from doing it.

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