Saturday, July 07, 2001

Peter Dizozza, I Am Curious, Yellow.

Liberate! I hope you're not eating -- rather that you already ate -- as I add urinate to the mysteries of eight in my continuing search to be compensated for what I like to do, as I so like the eights.

Blogger has already enlivened the life of my roommate, the phenomenally talented Tony Hightower (visit the Evil Twin Theory, one of his frightening monikers), and it has provided a stimulating forum for Jon Berger, our kind spoken word poet friend, to document himself while in the trenches of a fantastic professional transition (visit Jon Berger and Berger in Brazil). I'm grateful for the chance to share in their lives. Jon's writing has alerted me to my own professional abilities and how I could conceivably be proud of a job I did well. I'm a jack-of-all-trades when my strengths may simply be in musical composition. However, because of an aberrant thinking process, I have something to offer in all disciplines. Each computer program is a new instrument to be played with my interpretation (for example, photoshop).

Consider losing the identity stamp in an activity where a job simply needs to be done. It does not need to be a defining accomplishment, just done. What kind of attitude is that? Anyway, my craft as a composer is more unique, providing a greater benefit, yet the aberrant thought pattern applies to all disciplines, and the computer capabilities continue to expand with my desires.

I am interested in defining myself (as a celebrity) through my work, and I want to be the one to do (and to have done) the work. I put upon myself the requirement that I must fulfill on expectations. In other words, Project One, for completion by the end of July, in time for the Summer 2001 Anti-Folk Fest, is the "Pro-Choice on Mental Health" CD, a seven song cycle with monologues and mini-play, produced by Joe Bendik. Expectations include packaging and that means experimenting with new computer programs, and also commissioning the creative work of Fred Spadafora and Aaron Hillis. But why does Project One, The CD, exist? Because Joe called me with a question about his position at BMI, recently terminated most unjustly from the sound of it. Beware how you treat people beneath you for they may one day appear above you to unseat you in the workplace.

(At present, Joe is happily repositioned at New York Press, the paper with mugger editorials.)

After I offered what suggestions I could, he added that the free time from unemployment gave him the chance to set up a home recording studio. I booked time there as an experiment and discovered compatibility in his drum programming, guitar and bass playing. The recording is done. I meet with Fred to discuss packaging with illustrations Aaron provided this evening.

At Sixes and Sevens? Try the infinite Eights, and be compensated for what you like to do.

I like to create, negotiate, facilitate, infuriate, irritate, masturbate, reciprocate & mate, concentrate, infiltrate, exculpate, incubate, frustrate, berate, rate, regulate, relate, evaluate, dissipate, state, expiate, castrate, substantiate, intimate, imitate, fluctuate, innovate, activate, emancipate, illuminate, hate, write 888, the infinite, to compensate and be compensated in return; and better than to eat, I like to say I ate.

Do I like to govern? No. It's not one of the eights.

I like to list.

I like to imagine.

Being profligate, I don't like to serve, preserve, reserve, deserve or conserve, but choose the reverse, which is to converse.