Monday, January 29, 2024

Notes on 8mm Wedding Only Titles June 22nd, 1957 in Colour -- (kodachrome tungsten?)

Complete digital transfer by Helge Bernhardt of the available 8mm color film exposed on June 22nd, 1957, prepared with music by Peter Dizozza, From the Cinema VII Audial visual archive. with If I Ever, Tiffany Symbol Search, Stay With Me and excerpt from The Ocean Floaters Theme Song (by Peter Dizozza. CVII Audial Recordings.) CopyrIghts reserved and administered by the Cinema VII Alternate Entertainment Collective, 2013. Dear Viewers, I remember Monica and I wishing we could attended this event, but of course we weren't born. This movie records moments from our parents' wedding day. My recollection of the film and the people in it returns like an avalanche, not naturally but ONLY as a result of my viewing the film. Therefore its existence uncovered is another movie miracle. (Some photographer did a pretty good job using the 8mm film here. Please note partially dissolved state of the film emulsion from water damage, how spectacularly colorful it is.) Please give me strength, time and focus to assemble a proper script of this history... I guess we just call it: THE GRANDMOTHER (1905-2005) Sure, there's plenty of back story. A sampling for now is the phone call that our mother receives while she's preparing her wedding dress. She 's telling the fellow on the line asking her for a date that she must decline, for she is getting married today. Our grandmother's look at her is amazing. We remember mom telling us that story, and seeing the movie now I do believe that it is true. Our mom's grandmother is the woman at the beginning of the movie, with her second husband beside her. Our great-grandmother's story comes back to me now like a reflex (like reflux...): She lost her first husband when he was wheeling a sanitation cart. He got hit by car and crawled up the stairs to the apartment where he died. A picture of our great grandfather (Giovaniello?) seen his open coffin with our great grandmother beside it suggests that when he died he appeared to be younger than his own son... Her new husband brought along his own family of children and in order to show those children that people in New York work for a living, our great grandmother sent her fighter son (Redsy?) to work on the 2nd avenue subway where he was promptly hit by a train???? (2024 note... I think he was electrocuted). And that's why future political leader Meade Esposito promised to take care of our mom's mom, Margie, Redsy's sister. I guess Mr. Esposito was doing some fight management in his early days. I see aunts and uncles from my father's side of the family, but no, not him. He's not in this movie. For all you fans of Float, which I wrote following our mom's passing: the images of a boat at a dock that follows the wedding footage... it really does follow the wedding footage. (A Coincidence!) ok...

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Notes on Handel's Theodora

Theodora (1750) By Georg Fredrich Handel and Thomas Morell, dramatizes the story of Theodora and Didymus, based on The Martyrdom of Theodora and of Didymus (1687) by Robert Boyle and Pierre Corneille's Théodore, Vierge et Martyre. STORY: Valens, The Governor of Antioch, orders his citizens to make sacrificial offerings to Venus and Flora to celebrate the birthday of deceased Roman Emporor Diocles. He orders his soldier, Septimus, to enforce this order. Like her other Christian friends, Theodora does not attend the celebration. As punishment for not doing so, Valens sentences Theodora to serve as a prostitute in the Temple of Venus, and should she refuse this service he directs the temple guards to rape her. Theodora counts among her Christian friends Didymus, who is also a soldier employed by Governor Valens. When Didymus visits Theodora, she asks him to (mercifully) kill her. Instead, Didymus suggests that they cross-dress. After they exchange outfits, she exits the temple in his stead. When Valens learns of Theodora's escape, he modifies her sentence from a life of prostitution in the Temple of Venus, to death and orders the execution of Didymus in her place. Theodora, reunited with Irene and her other Christian friends, attends the execution to exchange her life for Didymus's. This selfless act moves soldier Septimus to recommend clemency for both, but Governor Valens remains unmoved. Valens orders the execution of both Theodora and Didymus. Theodora and Didymus sing of their immortality. In the performance released in 1969 by Vanguard Records, Johannes Somary conducts The English Chamber Orchestra. The cast includes Heather Harper, Maureen Forrester, Alexander Young, Edgar Fleet & John Lawrenson

Monday, July 17, 2023

Reminders from items of past moments that survive time (for a time)

Our past disappears But in its moments we fix items, words, sounds, images, in various media and they remain for a time.

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Mushroom Head (Rejected Maintenant 16 "Net Zero" Dada Submission - for development)

I can Do for you While I am Here. Is regrettable "We must beware of the mushroom," and out of his head sprouts a mushroom. Now you spread the virus. Is it herpes? "We must embrace the mushrooms; they negotiate with us sexually, we who are temptable." And out of his head sprouts a mushroom The singularity of plant, animal and mushroom is achievable. Technology helps achieve its own, with humans, singularity. There are Penis fungi, and Vaginal fungi. It’s their shape. It’s the high drawn cheek bones and mouth-like hole Do you think your brutality destroys it? Can this be an optimistic horror story? Ultimately, if sacrificing the purity of humanity for a greater singularity makes for a happy ending, then yes. He became a tool of the herpes virus, spreading to others, but what of the others? They too are carriers of its spores They infect The smallest contangion, the virus, is genetic material in protein Bacterium, is a cell. Fungi, yeast mold, multicellular resembling an animal Jun 17, 2020 Cedars-Sinai Staff Scientists' rapidly expanding knowledge makes it clear that we are not made up primarily of “human” cells that are occasionally invaded by microbes; our body is really a superorganism of cohabitating cells, bacteria, fungi and most numerous of all: viruses. The latest counts indicate that as much as half of all the biological matter in your body is not human." A fight to the death, when the other half rises. And it’s all fuel for a fire. I miss my Jesus Christ; why’d you have to scare him away (he's replaced with Jack the Ripper.)? Right now we’re getting upwards of ninety in years. I love and live for what you do to my mushroom mouth and in return I give you me (in crumpled pieces) and the resilience to host me throughout the balance of your natural life. He's made a pact with the mushroom by Peter Dizozza

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The Coccyx Tail, The Undone Spiral and the Bunny Puff

The Drawing is a page from the collected artwork of Maira Vergara. The song originated because of The Bushwick Book Club's revisit with the work of Dame Darcy, a comic book writer and performer with her own brand of wares. My access to the material was limited to the samples distributed to the participants, in my case it is specific to page four of her Meatcake Bible Tour Diary episode. Her work is fantastic, and she sang beautiful sea chanties at the Book Club event. I need to be hit over the head to read more, although I did see Dame Darcy and crew at a bar nearby following the event and she gave me stickers of her ad designs that Zora loves. The event took place at the Ukrainian National Home indoor back room beer garden, behind the restaurant, to the right of their Sly Fox Bar, and to the left of the stoop of the home of Susan Hwang and Julian Kytasty. Theoretically... the song speaks for itself...I'm happy to answer any questions.

Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Omicron Is the 15th Letter in the Greek Alphabet

Everything is in flux as the virus evolves toward a symbiotic balance where it no longer contributes to the death of its host. I look forward to tomorrow's headlines, appreciate the opportunity to experiment with "moderna" biotech on myself, think the rapidity in which biotech has gained acceptance in our health care is commendable, and I also acknowledge the inclusiveness that my "COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card" currently provides me. We'll see. Thank you for asking. That was my answer to why I would not necessarily agree to our daughter being vaccinated at 3 years old. However, I did receive my own half dose moderna booster. I was answering a monkey survery; I ultimately closed the survey when I arrived at the question which I only remember now as being, "are you of hispanic origin" and there was only yes or no as the answer options. Without answering that question I could not move on to the final questions and the answer to that question every time I see it is, I don't know.