Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The Coccyx Tail, The Undone Spiral and the Bunny Puff

The Drawing is a page from the collected artwork of Maira Vergara. The song originated because of The Bushwick Book Club's revisit with the work of Dame Darcy, a comic book writer and performer with her own brand of wares. My access to the material was limited to the samples distributed to the participants, in my case it is specific to page four of her Meatcake Bible Tour Diary episode. Her work is fantastic, and she sang beautiful sea chanties at the Book Club event. I need to be hit over the head to read more, although I did see Dame Darcy and crew at a bar nearby following the event and she gave me stickers of her ad designs that Zora loves. The event took place at the Ukrainian National Home indoor back room beer garden, behind the restaurant, to the right of their Sly Fox Bar, and to the left of the stoop of the home of Susan Hwang and Julian Kytasty. Theoretically... the song speaks for itself...I'm happy to answer any questions.

Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Omicron Is the 15th Letter in the Greek Alphabet

Everything is in flux as the virus evolves toward a symbiotic balance where it no longer contributes to the death of its host. I look forward to tomorrow's headlines, appreciate the opportunity to experiment with "moderna" biotech on myself, think the rapidity in which biotech has gained acceptance in our health care is commendable, and I also acknowledge the inclusiveness that my "COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card" currently provides me. We'll see. Thank you for asking. That was my answer to why I would not necessarily agree to our daughter being vaccinated at 3 years old. However, I did receive my own half dose moderna booster. I was answering a monkey survery; I ultimately closed the survey when I arrived at the question which I only remember now as being, "are you of hispanic origin" and there was only yes or no as the answer options. Without answering that question I could not move on to the final questions and the answer to that question every time I see it is, I don't know.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

original version of Maintenant 15 Dada Essay

A Dada Essay of Nonsense Distinguished by Stupidity, by Peter Dizozza Oh how transgressive is the super hero, fighting evil by delving into the dark side. Rah rah humans, we're good and they're bad. Die virus. Fuck you, baddy. What a feel-good display of the struggle and triumph of good over evil. We must kill that which kills us. Can we at least agree that that which kills us is evil? We can't??? Yes we can! We righteous are cursing too much. Expletives replace content, yeah! (fuck yeah!) The virus also has a right to live and will mutate to its stasis as … as a guest that does not kill its host, as a subtenant that does not cause the eviction of its leaseholder from its transient home in the rental building of life. The great herpes virus has achieved a state of irremediable perfection. There is no cure. Welcome herpes. May you live long and may I live as long as you. Viruses, there is no need for you to hide. I welcome all infectious agents. Make your presence known so that we can live together with other parasites, bacteria, viruses and people – for we must. As Public radio reports new mutations, remember, comrades, the virus never dies. Politics is not about the form of government... Die fascists. This guitar kills you! Politics is about mind control. If we learned anything from George Orwell's 1948 novel about 1984, it is that the controller is also the controlled. (Mind control controls the controlled and the controller.) and the enemy never dies... The higher up the pyramid of authority we go, the more controlled we are, until we reach the apex, a big empty point, upon which sits nothing, the chairman of the board. Fuck you fascists. Stick it up your ass. Get your vaccination then shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up and inject me before the virus replicates my cells into zombie clones to turn them against me. Vaccine, replicate an army of zombie clones to destroy the virus zombie clones! Let the battle begin. My worker cells are organizing into a union, a viral union! Hello. I'm a virus organizer. I work for the virus. The virus corrupts, keep it away from my worker cells! We must convert these cells from virus clones to sentient beings, working together to keep us alive. Mobilize with the power of agreement. Don't tell them too much. Just give them a slogan to repeat as they march. Cells, you need not think too much. Just do your work, and when you die, disappear, forgotten, to make room for the new cells. Welcome new cells. Your predecessors have gone on to a better world free of the toils of the day. They are in heaven. Cell, don't you know me? I am you. Yes, of course we grant full freedom of speech and expression to the aggressive virus, and once it has your listening it will never stop talking, but listen to me too. Ok. This a debate. Listen to both of us and decide for yourself. Do you choose life with me or death with the virus, or should I more fairly say, life with me or life with the virus? I'm better than the virus. You know that. I can deliver you a profile of all viruses so that you can discriminate between us and we don't need to repeat this discussion in the future. All viruses are bad! We gather here today because we suspect that among you worker cells are cells corrupted by a virus. We know you mix with us and I just want to say, do not be afraid. You want to live as much as we do, so pull back, do not kill your host and together we will thrive (as organisms polluted by viruses). Virus, the only way you thrive is if I thrive. Or go out and assemble your own organism and we'll deal with you in the jungle. Fuck you, virus! The virus has rights. What about the rights of rocks? We will address that next time.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Once and for all Bye Bye Birdie is Magic

The movie is dated 1963. Its source Broadway musical is dated 1960. The movie version introduces the song, Bye Bye Birdie, as well as the Speed-up drug, anticipating the switch in the music business from songwriting to chemistry, although, as the decade progressed, chemistry moved beyond amphetamines, into the LSD mixtures of Owsley Stanley. (Did the screenwriter know this when writing the movie version? He also wrote scripts for the Marx Brothers.) The script joke about how chemistry will impact society extends beyond music since junior (Ms. Margret's character's younger brother) is making bombs out of the fertilizer business, or is it just the screenwriter's way of explaining why his chemistry set includes the ingredients for speed-up, the new drug of choice for the future sixties? So it was not the book writer, Michael Stewart, but the screenwriter, Irving Brecher, who anticipated the bridge between the music business and chemistry, supplying speed-up to the conductor of the Moscow Ballet orchestra. We also see in 1963 fans camped out on the lawn of the ordinary Ohio home of the randomly chosen fan, which apparently means something to me. As for why we are able to have the Moscow Ballet in Ohio it makes sense because it is touring the country on a Kruschev mission of goodwill and it so happens its performances in Ohio coincide with Ed Sullivan's schedule for them to appear on his weekly show -- his Sunday night variety show, introducing to the US the greatest in entertainment, anticipating the appearance of the Beatles in February, 1964, but of course, providing glimpses of Elvis Presley's pelvis performances from the waist up. Elvis's draft notice was in 1957. However, Conrad Birdie's name is a mutation of Conway Twitty, also a popular rocker at the time. More on casting here: Stepping in for Broadway's Michael J. Pollard, the movie version features another popular rockish singer, Bobby Rydell as the undertaker's son who pinned the randomly chosen fan. We see Ann Margaret enamored of Conrad Birdie. She is soon to be cast by the same director on at least equal footing with her co-star, the actual Elvis Presley, in Viva Las Vegas, 1965. Vivian Leigh, stepping in as a Spaniard substitute for original Broadway cast member, Chita Rivera, plays the determined and devoted girlfriend of a man with mother complex. Movie character men with mother complexes were common then. Her 1962 movie, The Manchurian Candidate, victimized one and she was murdered by one in her 1960 movie, Psycho. Dick Van Dyke followed the production from Broadway, also appearing in Mary Poppins. He doesn't think he can dance or sing and he's incomparable. He just plays the role, singing to and dancing as instructed. I think neither Ann Margaret nor Dick Van Dyck had any idea at the time how naturally superlative they are. Oona White choreographed for director George Sydney (and for Carol Reed's Oliver!), Mr Sydney was a 1940's MGM musical director, as was Stanley Donen who took his 1960's independence to England. Two for the Road and his own Bedazzled are examples of Stanley Donen's accomplishments. This movie, Bye Bye Birdie, operates as an accomplishment for Mr. Sydney although to make it more personal, he took Ann Margaret to Elvis Presley himself in Viva Las Vegas, giving Presley a run for his talent, while here she plays the ordinary all American girl next door here, enamored of Conrad Birdie. As in the movie, the English Patient, where the English Patient is anything but English, Ms. Margaret is Swedish. Paul Lynde became the leader, the reappearing center box, of TV's celebrity bluffing game, Hollywood Squares. And that's all I can think of here. Whatever its prophesies, this movie will always be a demonstration of the musical greatness of its songwriters.

Magic in the Universe

The term, Magic, is our term, we who create and use language. We of science reject it. To say there is or is not magic in the universe is to apply our language to what are to us mysteries. Even after we create explanations there is the magic in those explanations achieving results. The scientific balances we establish through measurement are signs of consistency in the laws we discover through the application of our numeric systems. Somewhat sadly I add that the explanations proving or disproving the existence of magic, going one way or the other, do not make a difference. Time establishes outcome and we exist as segments in time. We are always estimating our expectations of achievements and there are always surprises that after the fact seem like we knew them all along. So with the intent of building upon a foundation of something already established, I assemble upon remnants of my own work. It's not that I revere my creatiivities. I use them as reference. I am a product of my attempts at applying systems of randomness, of action without reason, and of magic in the universe. I am evidence that the application of those systems is achieving outcomes according to plan. This is my delusion. All my work is a product of it, making all my work an exercise in futility. The prospects of achievement cannot be included in this process without stopping the process. I have not stopped the process but going forward is an act of faith, or of my not needing or expecting any return from doing it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

A New Episode in The History of 315-321 Apartment Corp

Thank you for being part of our East Village Coop of two buildings between 1st and 2nd Avenue on historic East 12th Street, running the width of Manhattan Island from West to East.

In prior episodes of the history of the 315-321 Apartment Corp we've gone back to Stuyvesant Farm and the pre-grid cemetery of St. Mark's Church on East 10th Street.  

This new episode is about the six three-story Greek Revival townhouses with the addresses 311, 313, 315, 317, 319 and 321 East 12th Street, built in 1853.  

At the turn of the last century a developer, Jacob Fish, bought 5 of them.

What could they house? four families each?  

Here's the idea:  If we overlap lot 317 we can build two mirror buildings each with 35 apartment units, sharing a single steam heat burner in the basement of 321.

Jacob Fish commissioned architect Samuel Sass to transform the houses into two 6-story tenements, completed in 1907.

Unfortunately, or rather, fortunately, Mr Fish complied with the new law for tenements, allowing space for courtyards instead of air shafts.

Our rooms are smaller but they all get light, and our common hallways are bigger than the tenements built in the 1890's.  

Remember, though, he could only buy 5 lots..

So when you pass by our neighbor to the west, at 311 East 12th, you are looking at the last still standing of the row of 6 Greek Revival townhouses from 1853.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

A Night at the Opera with Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Kaiser/Roberts Clear Hor...


from Quando ce ne sono nove (When There are Nine): A Night at the Opera with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 12th Night at The New York City Bar Association, Scene 10 song (by Peter Dizozza) with Peter Dizozza and Lawrence Mertz as Michael Kaiser and John Roberts. (Sep 04, 2013 Washingtonian: "With the Kaiser-Roberts ceremony, Ginsburg became the first Supreme Court justice to perform a same-sex marriage.") RBG Song: Of Gender Let's Be Blind (Clear Horizon) by Peter Dizozza Pianist: Dr. Nathan Brandwein Percussion: James Mussen Flute: Deborah Karpatkin


The demo description:

On the Basis of Gender (instead of Sex) here is the studio demo of Clear Horizon, The RBG Song by Peter Dizozza Recorded by Horacio Pena Sung by Martin Ginsburg to his wife, Ruth Bader. In the Amanda Bakale RBG script this was sung by Michael Kaiser to his spouse John Roberts. Music adapted from the "Clear Horizon" piano piece. Song inspired by the book, "Chef Supreme, Martin Ginsburg" created by the Justices' spouses in memoriam. This is the June Version of the recording by Horacio Pena of a song by Peter Dizozza lyrics Of gender let's be blind. I love you for your mind. Intense, intellectual, emotion is the Connection that we find. And if I'm wonder cooking for the fam'lies of our highest court I'll look back on our great careers and how we shared in our support. We both may be strong willed. Your strong will makes me thrilled. In family and work, together we will always See us both fulfilled. And if I'm one day chef supreme and all the judges look to me I'll say that, though defined by difference, We live on common ground. As we lock our eyes we're gazring at a clear horizon. Its a Moment like the moment we were born. We begin again More than friends. A love once joined together, never torn.