Sunday, July 29, 2007

KLARA: Wait. We have the treasure from our international arms deal but no local currency. Before we get settled in at a house of roadside pyschotherapy, I think we'd better find gainful employment. Did you notice, on the car chase, a help wanted sign at the local alehouse? It said "Tuesday Psychic Needed."

JIM (Not fully on board, "You're the boss"): You're "psychic"; why don't you go check it out?

KLARA: Wait in the car.
(Klara exits)

JIM (alone, seated in car)
Where did you go; what did you do while I was out?

(repeat those 4 bars instrumentally, maybe 1 octave higher under following dialog)

KLARA: I got the job.
JIM: One day a week?
KLARA (gets back in car): Yes. They're covered for the other days.
JIM: Was it crowded?
KLARA (applying lipstick): For a Monday, yes.

When you were small, when I was tall we had no doubt.

KLARA: I'll get us a room (exits).

For in a summer wind as seeds took flight within
The finches long and we may long
Till nature lets us join her throng
as petals lift away, where's our wind to sail today?

(next 6 bars instrumental only under following dialog)

(Klara re-enters, mission accomplished)

JIM (confused; how did she even get the room?): We still don't have any money.
KLARA: Just hold your head up high. When they asked for a deposit, I told them I'm a visiting psychic at the alehouse and that money will be coming in soon. Besides, they said they'll pay us to have sex with their staff.

(Klara gets out, busily unpacks and prepares to go inside, not hearing Jim as he sings from the car)

Where did you go; what did you do while I was out?
When you were small, when I was tall we had no doubt.
In our four car garage, when we were living large
the muskrats docked; the tree swings rocked
the geese and fowl, high they flocked
(On next line, he gets out and catches her by the arm, getting her attention to ask...)
As box kites drift away, where's our wind to sail today?

Reading the words can make them confusing
Listen and use the words of our choosing
When air is still, send them

(Klara, impatient, tries to extract herself. Jim doesn't let her go and calmly pleads...)

Arms open, sails out wide
We need the wind to rise
Remember when it did?

KLARA (encouraging)
And watch it rise again!
Swirling like shrouds, the trees will be veering!

JIM (doubting)
Enter the clouds, from what I'm hearing
that old black magic has slipped away.

KLARA (getting swept away, abandoning him)
Ear to the ground, the branches are swaying!
Worshiping trees, adore my playing!
(across the stage to him before exiting)
My new white magic will save the day!

JIM (alone where she has left him)
Where did you go, what did you do while I was out?

Scene/song integration by Lydia Ooghe