Wednesday, March 04, 2009

While there may be a physical decline processing within us as we travel through time, technology is advancing, supplementing, perhaps also supplanting what we lose. Eyesight is one diminishment; general awareness is another. Is this even worth saying? Today I'm better than I ever was, which suggests I was deep within a rut. It was one of my own making, arising out of my desire for AVOIDANCE. Tomorrow, again I awaken to go to a deposition in Queens for a car accident case that requires translators for all deposed, just to get a record in English of testimony that translates into a contingency fee of money for the firm, which means I get my salary in this game of legal work. I can't imagine doing anything else right now, as time indents into my hours of elyseum. I just returned from the Mac Roger Robots play, a meditation on humans supplanted by their improvements, still stumped by predicaments inherent in human nature, and they, the new race, take precautions, lest they forget, by annually conducting a religiously ritualistic history lesson. They remember how they got there, how they arrived that place. An artist created them. The new race is no better than the one it replaced.
My relationship with machines has not translated into humanizing them, because it wouldn't matter if I did. I go to bed crying that the cry for help that goes unheeded is my own.