Tuesday, October 20, 2020

A New Episode in The History of 315-321 Apartment Corp

Thank you for being part of our East Village Coop of two buildings between 1st and 2nd Avenue on historic East 12th Street, running the width of Manhattan Island from West to East.

In prior episodes of the history of the 315-321 Apartment Corp we've gone back to Stuyvesant Farm and the pre-grid cemetery of St. Mark's Church on East 10th Street.  

This new episode is about the six three-story Greek Revival townhouses with the addresses 311, 313, 315, 317, 319 and 321 East 12th Street, built in 1853.  

At the turn of the last century a developer, Jacob Fish, bought 5 of them.

What could they house? four families each?  

Here's the idea:  If we overlap lot 317 we can build two mirror buildings each with 35 apartment units, sharing a single steam heat burner in the basement of 321.

Jacob Fish commissioned architect Samuel Sass to transform the houses into two 6-story tenements, completed in 1907.

Unfortunately, or rather, fortunately, Mr Fish complied with the new law for tenements, allowing space for courtyards instead of air shafts.

Our rooms are smaller but they all get light, and our common hallways are bigger than the tenements built in the 1890's.  

Remember, though, he could only buy 5 lots..

So when you pass by our neighbor to the west, at 311 East 12th, you are looking at the last still standing of the row of 6 Greek Revival townhouses from 1853.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

A Night at the Opera with Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Kaiser/Roberts Clear Hor...


from Quando ce ne sono nove (When There are Nine): A Night at the Opera with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 12th Night at The New York City Bar Association, Scene 10 song (by Peter Dizozza) with Peter Dizozza and Lawrence Mertz as Michael Kaiser and John Roberts. (Sep 04, 2013 Washingtonian: "With the Kaiser-Roberts ceremony, Ginsburg became the first Supreme Court justice to perform a same-sex marriage.") RBG Song: Of Gender Let's Be Blind (Clear Horizon) by Peter Dizozza Pianist: Dr. Nathan Brandwein Percussion: James Mussen Flute: Deborah Karpatkin


The demo description:

On the Basis of Gender (instead of Sex) here is the studio demo of Clear Horizon, The RBG Song by Peter Dizozza Recorded by Horacio Pena Sung by Martin Ginsburg to his wife, Ruth Bader. In the Amanda Bakale RBG script this was sung by Michael Kaiser to his spouse John Roberts. Music adapted from the "Clear Horizon" piano piece. Song inspired by the book, "Chef Supreme, Martin Ginsburg" created by the Justices' spouses in memoriam. This is the June Version of the recording by Horacio Pena of a song by Peter Dizozza lyrics Of gender let's be blind. I love you for your mind. Intense, intellectual, emotion is the Connection that we find. And if I'm wonder cooking for the fam'lies of our highest court I'll look back on our great careers and how we shared in our support. We both may be strong willed. Your strong will makes me thrilled. In family and work, together we will always See us both fulfilled. And if I'm one day chef supreme and all the judges look to me I'll say that, though defined by difference, We live on common ground. As we lock our eyes we're gazring at a clear horizon. Its a Moment like the moment we were born. We begin again More than friends. A love once joined together, never torn.