Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Kim and I left New York on Friday evening, January 25th, 2002, travelling on British Airways. It was soothing to have the liquid screens showing movies on the back of the seats in front of us. Legally Blond, The Curse of the Jade Scorpion...

We met Matt and Goldmund at 12 Bar. Ms. Harper played, then Matt. He played a great set. I met Andy there. When I told him my River Bar gig on Wednesday was cancelled he invited me to come by there to play. Paul from On-Line TV taped Matt's show.

Sunday we met Matt and Goldmund (with Matt's friend, Chris) in Camden Town. We played at the Golden Lion. They had an open stage prior to the main act (Matt) so I played two songs there, with Matt on guitar. It's a family bar, on a Sunday night? The place was packed with the regulars. Matt's performance there was simply historic. A woman, Claire, from interviewed Matt.

Monday Kim and I went to Phil's Up All Night Open Stage at the Spice of Life. Up All Night? They actually close up promptly at 11. Matt came by later. I played there, and met Amber, a black girl with braces, Egils from here, Yuka from here, and this piano fellow who played with Yuka, Joe Quillin. They have a nice piano.

Tuesday Kim and I saw a Sondheim revue, There's Always a Woman, performed on a stage filled with sand -- is it the bahamas or the sahara?

Wednesday I played at 12 Bar. Rick Siegel was there, updating me on OnLineTV. Magoo and Kaito were playing acoustic sets. I was the opening act. Kaito was exceptional. Phil's office is 5 doors down so I went up there and wrote something about our activities for his Up All Night fanzine.

Thursday to Glasgow to play with Matt at the State Bar there. I met Francis Macdonald and his assistant, Heather MacDonald, no relation, in fact she's from North Carolina... Flying back and forth was great.

Friday, we played at The Spice of Life. Matt took the train back and there were delays because of weather and striking so he arrived in time to play a half hour from 10:30-11.

Saturday, I played at the acoustic front stage by the bar of the Cockpit Theatre, it was like Manhattan Theatre Source with the "two stages."

Sunday, Kim and I headed to New York. It was soothing to have the liquid screens showing movies on the backs of the seats in front of us.