Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I am aware today of the following:

Charles Fourier and his proposal for community cooperation ordered as a phalanx...The Phalansteres is a Grand Hotel... Procul Harum introduced me to that setting...

Charles Dana, editor of The New York Sun once lived in a phalanx farm.

Thanks to a grant from Mr. Dana's foundation, I've learned that the brain emits magnetic rays at about 10 waves a second. Flashing faces may affect that. Choose whether they are black or whte, in black and white or color, whether their mouths, noses or eyes are blurred or focused, whether they are happy afraid angry fearful or neutral... Early results suggest when my eyes are open the wave patter more resembles the eyes closed pattern than when they are closed. The average wave is constant rather than varied.

I believe my participation is beneficial to everyone.