Monday, November 24, 2008

If you're bothering to read your horoscope chances are you are alone. Safe bet the horoscope acknowledging that is going to the right person. No one can keep up with you so keep going and accept that. Kick up your heels in automobiles, it's Jimmy Durante, Laurel and Hardy, and Baron Munchausen back from the Congo, all in same sentence description for Hollywood Party.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jury duty consisted of 3 days at 111 Centre Street. This visit as a juror was considerably less friendly than prior because everyone is wired to the ears. Even I, without the latest technology, could walk into an internet room and send email on one of the connected dell laptops. I wandered around downtown, one visit to J&R, another to the County Clerk... if you want to change something on your dba certificate it costs the same as filing a new one, 120. As for a flat screen to replace my tube challenged sony for this anemic cable service... no. I feel like I have to buy something valuable but the merchandise and what it actually is (disposable) is failing to tip the scales. Yes, the scales of justice. The first day I joined 65 others in the opportunity to sit on a case of a lifetime, requiring a 4 week commitment. I should have sat there but in good conscience could not say I was available given my employment in an office of less than 10 employees, although the opportunity to sit there and be spoken to, and to hear words spoken for the benefit of... I went to the office after dismissal at 4, then the next day made another trip to drop off papers at 100 church street, oh, that lobby design is humid, these spraying globes create a steam room atmosphere, and of course the usual detailed security approval. The colors, too, at 100 Church are veering toward genius. I visited the great chinatown so near by, our stage manager was able to find the chosen New Yeah Shanghai and we had a good lunch. at the last minute in the morning we as jurors, another 65 of us, were sent to another shorter potentially criminal trial not involving murder but rather single witness victim beyond a reasonable doubt attempted maybe armed gas station robbery and the accused wandering the hallway saying on his cel phone the da has to prove his case, in the presence of his 65 attendants. How about giving him the cost of the trial, 10 employees, 65 people... no the process is good but the number of people attending to the accusation... anyway, the detailed questions included my favorite, hobbies? Songwriting and music theatre production.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

itch mites?
I want to document a complicated mystery where one thing leads to another, and I begin the lyric to "vision quest one."

I had some hours alone, a taste of a peaceful day.
I saw a tree full of crows that followed a hawk of prey.
From one tree to another this hawk carried his meal.
To the next tree they’d follow.
Like stool pigeons they’d squeal

A few weeks later I found a tortoise carcas cleaned out under one of the trees.
The leaf shading it had these strange nipple growths. The other leaves were clear.
I've had an extended contemplation of this condition and extending itching since then because...
The mites that cleaned out the tortoise shell laid eggs in the leaf. The nipples are called "galls."
The hawk dropped the tortoise.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Today is the day this blog's been waiting for. I was thinking how life in the jungle is an ongoing challenge with perhaps even less moments to relax then we have here in civilization. The cats are probably relaxing now, but they're in the apartment and when they're not relaxing they seem restless. I've been rebelling against peace within myself, as a rebellion against complacency, but maybe it's not a sell out at all.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Pin the Crime on the Dead Man is a game from -- Witchfinders, by Peter Dizozza

Monday, April 28, 2008

Oh, I get it now. I have no emotional memory because for 35 years the daily companion medication to my 324 mg quinaglute duratabs was...80 LA Inderal (the trademark word for propranalol, which is a trademark word for...). Write now before you forget. (How to erase a mental hard drive; it's like spoliation of evidence... interesting. Oh, yes, Inderal...) These blogs are helpful. Free public access means I also get unlocked access.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We speak or write because we want something. According to the book I'm reading if we wanted for nothing we would not speak. Perhaps we speak because we want to hear ourselves speak. Another observation of the book, which is about how to read plays, backwards and forwards by david ball, is that we have obstacles in front of us blocking or, optimistically speaking, offering us access to what we want when we overcome them, whether ewith charm or force. Why must you be so obstacle? It makes the prize that much more sweet, or so I'm told, the overcoming of the obstacle. It's not the prize, it's the attaining it... On the other hand, I do enjoy what I have and less concerned with how I got it, although the attaining is something to be proud of... I'm kidding, it's not. I think I'm becoming a bit more savy about what my own writing is about. It is something of a one note sound. I obviously want something... pd