Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We speak or write because we want something. According to the book I'm reading if we wanted for nothing we would not speak. Perhaps we speak because we want to hear ourselves speak. Another observation of the book, which is about how to read plays, backwards and forwards by david ball, is that we have obstacles in front of us blocking or, optimistically speaking, offering us access to what we want when we overcome them, whether ewith charm or force. Why must you be so obstacle? It makes the prize that much more sweet, or so I'm told, the overcoming of the obstacle. It's not the prize, it's the attaining it... On the other hand, I do enjoy what I have and less concerned with how I got it, although the attaining is something to be proud of... I'm kidding, it's not. I think I'm becoming a bit more savy about what my own writing is about. It is something of a one note sound. I obviously want something... pd