Friday, April 29, 2011

This is my quantum physics post addressing the question of how to make a qubite computer. It already exists through the @rnd function, the random number generator. we have ones and zeros and an unexecuted random number function with the parameter limited to between zero and one. The unexecuted random function is the third bite. The ordinary computer's random number generator arrives at its underwriting calculations by limiting high and low parameters, running the random calculation over and over, the parameter between the random numbers becoming smaller, in effect shrinking Shroedinger's box with the cat in it... I suppose there is no doubt to the answer that ultimately the cat is dead, the act of avoiding observation while trying to determine the observable answer kills it ... Peter Dizozza

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The biggest moonshine in 18 years happens tonight. Various earthquakes have already hit the Pacific, New Zealand and Japan, and my mother passed away from a sudden quake of sorts within her. She went forward doing, learning, listening and contributing until she was stopped, in this case by her physical being. Because her mother lived to be a hundred and even then did not die from a natural cause, my mother's health did not receive the attention my father was giving to his own health.
Though not in cause, in effect the reason for my mother's and grandmother's passing is the same, most recently addressed in the script for A Question of Solitude.
Reality is barely comprehensible at a close look. I hear my mother speaking to me. At one point she was entirely me. At this point I am my own person and she is part of me. I miss her and love her.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

There aren't many mysteries at present, just of time and existence, of gravity and friendships, of living. The mysteries of eight are infinite but it's just a symbol for a number. We can count and eight can look like a single symbol... are their different symbols for eight in different languages? What does the symbol look like elsewhere. For here it is infinity, a mobius strip, add the ribbon flip to the figure and you have three dimensions in two.