Friday, July 20, 2001

Hey, what's going on here? For one thing VH1 is running a Stevie Nicks Piano Recital version of Rhiannon, the Gaelic Goddess, but more specifically, as this little entry makes its way down the page, where did those little links up there come from??? "Archive," "Email," Tony Hightower's been working here. He told me to get up (he's a control freak) and what a pleasure to see him take the controls. Therefore, I can only imagine what he did (you can actually edit your blogger's html!), and thanks are in order. He's off to his performance at The Rising Cafe, where the sun also rises, in Brooklyn!

Now that we have cable and have given ourselves over to the Warner Brothers... Check out public access. Four stations in Manhattan, 53 67 63 67 are those them, wait, I have the guide page which they slipped in with the $120 bill. 34, 56, 57 and 67. Damn, I missed Dave's Place which is on every other Friday at 7:30. Oh well, next time, next time, August 3rd, tune in for when Peter Dizozza talks about Prepare to Meet Your Maker.

So I get up, he takes the controls, he experiments and discovers the way. I become the slave; he the master. Great idea, hire a facilitator!

And for the results, thanks, Tony!
With some much going on, what am I looking forward to, aside from secession? Work... I look forward to the opportunity and to having the tools. What do I do when the catelogue is done?

I'm realizing, after seeing the Jonathan Larson show on turning thirty, that the 90's have a lost element to them. I have material created then that requires being retrieved. That also means it reincarnates. The other problem, I suppose it is one, is that I honestly don't have those heightened states of being today, and when I do, I'm in no position to say so. So I go back and retrieve the heightened awareness of the past.

Bring on something new, to which I, the objective observer, say yes.

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

The real mysteries of eight occur in musical repetition, trance inducing figures with fluctuations and additions or subtractions in the pattern to gather momentum, like the vamps in Jonathan Larson's new musical, tick tick boom, he who learned to keep continuum under the conversational voices from his mentor, Sondheim, (who learned it from Babbit, no, from Glass, who gradually mutates the vamp), its origins found in rock and roll's boogie woogie bass line. What am I talking about, right? And another thing, if you want to write for theatre you've got to write lists, because your audience is comprised of materialists. A list of questions, a list of attainments. of miscommunications, of acquirements, and keep a vamp going underneath to conceal the sameness of the chord progression. Get to work. And congratulations to Stephen Oremus and, always annonymously in the background, Steve Skinner. Tick tick boom boom at the Jane Street Theatre.

Sunday, July 15, 2001

The gas tank demolition proceeded on schedule. We saw it from the roof of 14 Meadow Street.

Brooklyn Union Gas, following the lead of New York Telephone/Nynex/Verizon, has renamed itself something completely innocuous in an attempt to transform itself beyond its purpose and origins (acronyms also do nicely), and improve the language with a new word like Kleenex, or Xerox, all rights reserved. THE NEW WORD IS KEYSPAN. Please explain how our children will understand that. It opens the utility market to free trade. BUG was the only gas source for Brooklyn stoves, now we have a choice between KeySpan, or some other fly-by-night company. Anyway, this one, really the one and only one whatever we call it, dynamited its gas tanks, and did so very well; within 10 seconds the two of them, 42 stories high, GONE. Oh, the Breslin article reminds me that BUG dismantled by hand the tanks in Elmhurst, Queens, implication: Who cares about Greenpoint? (and my father grew up there.)

Bob Mahoney is Keyspan's Spokesperson. 23 acres have opened in Brooklyn.

We were there thanks to Jackson, Jack Lewis, brother of Jeff Lightning Lewis and member of the excellent band, DP stole my Tea.

Coincidentally, Fred Spadafora and I scheduled shooting Pro-Choice on Mental Health Promo photos for this morning.

It's also the day of the summer 2001 anti-folk fest brunch, July 15th.

Yesterday, to master the Pro-Choice on Mental Health CD, Alex Abrash and David Baker analogued the tracks, running them through a 24 track mixing board onto 2 inch 3M tape, then back to CD. We went from digital to analogue to digital. The operative CD initials are DAD. One of the machines which they thought very important goes by the name, Nieves.

The Wise Sophia run at Manhattan Theatre Source concluded yesterday.

Here's an article about David Baker: