Thursday, December 20, 2001

A day passes and a project is that much closer to completion in a race against time. There are so many projects in various stages of development, and what of the necessities of life? Take care of the barest of them and proceed with project development. We'll get it done, then others can take it and grow with it. Everything is in process. I can go back in time to recover works imperfectly preserved, newly preserved in this digital age. I found a cassette recording of songs from The Augusteia, an opera I worked on in the 70's. I made a wave file out of a performance of "Out of The Grave." The first verse is

Feels like I've just woke up out of the grave,
And every evening I'm expecting the same,
The same sleepy spoof of what I have done
Throughout the makings of a typical day. I'd hate to
Look back on all this as being somekind of highpoint cause I'm
Just feeling strangely in the usual way.

There. It's regenerated.

What's the point of being prolific if the work's not great? Is the material worthwhile? It's not a question, it simply is. Enough of that. I have my own life to live, I life I barely care to live in an effort to transfer life into work, and myself into my own audience. Sharing and developing go hand in hand. Beware of recidivism... Now back to my old ways...