Saturday, September 01, 2007

ROFL Contestant!

My incentive for writing something, I know it's all been done before, is that it will contain what's never been done before. The idea should be radical. My recent piece arises from a feeling, too, the feeling of polarity dividing the oneness of the world. In 2.2.2, Hermaphroditism Through the Ages, describing which had me booed off the stage last night at Joe's Pub -- I really should have shown that youtube post of cute pussycats... In fact, I was up against and lost against Pussycat Mosh Pit -- anyway, it was worth it to introduce the radical idea, as propounded by Dr. Fricassee, that there's a conspiracy against evolution in the medical profession, that obstetricians confronted at births with ambiguous genitalia conspire against hermaphroditism , delivering to parents males and females, by surgically maintaining, for the stability of our bodies, The Two Sex System. Tyr Throne, my regular advisor in these matters (he considers many of my projects tantric explorations.) related that man is the mutant strain and woman is perfection. Yoga is the practice of becoming hermaphroditic. If nothing else, this begins an interesting science fiction story.

The college humor fellows had a funny moment -- are some of their employees really robots? during a meeting with the new stooges that I believe was about establishing an employee benefits program.