Sunday, November 24, 2013

Revisiting The World of Lou Reed Under the open guidance of Jeffrey Lewis November 21st, 2013 at Jalopy...almost all my favorite current songwriters were in that room last night
From my notes:  Random order opened with
They're taking her children away.  I am the Waterboy.
then another song ultimately embedded into the Berlin Album:  Stephanie says.  It's so cold in Alaska
Then the cancer cure, "Her life was saved by Rock and Roll"
Black Ocean Ashes
Black Angel's Death
Czechoslovakians, to get to know you, invite you up for tea.  When visiting leave a gift.  Open House.
(Songs for Drella, because that's what we called him?)
Last Great American Wailing Whale.
Run run run.  Take a drag or two, on 5th Avenue.
Jeff's cover of The original wrapper rapper (political song from the 80's).
Satellite of Love.
Steve sang Who Loves the Sun...
I sang "You're right and I'm wrong.... " for piano please credit Allan Macmillan and Rick Wakeman. I never inquired before and found an italian site: that explained it all.  "Berlin" was on the  first Lou Reed solo album!  Eins Zwei Drei Zugabe!  oh, and then later instead of "Don't forget to hire the vet," he came right out and said it... don't forget to Marry The Vet.  he hasn't had that much fun yet...but if he marries you he will... fun... hey baby I like your iggy pop david bowie Fun...  

A low level sarcasm rings out in his poetry and harmonically radical pop gestures... There is some great groundbreaking music, in a low budget music sort of way (especially from alternate guitar tuning), and that's what attracts me, as well as the misleading spirit of entropy and dissolution. In my performance I felt there was so much more to say at the piano... I gave suggestions and want to do more!

Jeff's brilliant structure:  from his email:
THE PERFORMERS!  (Not listed in order… the performance order will be random, and we'll do two rounds of one song each to make sure everybody gets on at least once!)

Add:  Jim Flynn! 

1) Turner Cody 
2) Preston Spurlock 
3) Cal Folger Day 
4) Phoebe Novak 
5) Jeffrey Lewis 
6) Lee Feldman 
7) Pete Galub 
8) Dawn Landes
9) Peter Dizozza 
10) Kristin Andreasson 
11) Peter Stampfel 
12) Pizza Underground 
13) Steve Salett 
14) Steve Espinola 
15) Cannonball Statman
16) The Purple Organ 
17) Common Prayer

I'd love to hear the song most inspired by Lou Reed from each of them!