Tuesday, September 11, 2001

They used knives and box cutters. They directed enormous gasoline tanks. This could have been a very low budget disaster, still, requiring great flying skill.
They killed the Twin Towers. It was a slow execution. It was a display. We were the audience, completely passive to reversing its death, we watched. The act of observing changed nothing. There was nothing anybody could do, but evacuate! We are getting rid of those towers. No more talk. They are down. First the greenpoint gastanks of "KEYSPAN," good practice for the bigger project.
The poor old world trade center, let's see, those artist offices that people applied for, the entire Landmark Forum, relocating from the old Yeshiva owned building on 39th and 5th. My friend, Lawrence Schindelheim, working for a court of claims judge there. Surely he evacuated. Mary Robinson worked for a trademark attorney there. I remember him firing her and me asking him to explain. He was pretty open with me, boy did he feel betrayed. Well, his office is gone. They compared marks from a book with marks picked up in South America, these marks were TRADE MARKS. She was illfit for office work.
They didn't like those buildings. I wonder why.
The end of the tall buildings. Difficulty is apparent in attempting to deal with the activity up there, and of course, Kamakazi flights into the builidng make for a great challenge. A plane struck one world trade center. While we're watching another plane struck two word trade center, lower, never would have expected that, then something crashed into the pentagan after busch spoke of god blessing america, he's in florida on his way to Washington. Next, two world trade center collapsed. That's it for now. Hey, who turned on the television this morning to catch it all, Tony. The smoke here, oh dear. There is an odor in the air...