Wednesday, July 25, 2001

Hi, We saw the Yankees Tuesday, Kim, Linda, Kenny and I, and here's why they won. One of the Detroit Tigers caught the fly, yer out, and tossed it to someone closer to the plates and oops, that guy fumbled, dropped it, and hey, bases loaded, might as well bring in some homers. Two runs for the yankees and they only won by one, 'cause one of the tigers hit a homer to the far right field (change pitchers,) then one of the tigers just hits a home run down the center about as far as it has ever been hit, nearly 475 feet. (CHANGE PITCHERS!)

I was excited that I would maybe say hello to my old friend Eddie Layton but I had no idea from where his organ emanates. In fact, crowd control is the major issue and once the game is over, no one lingers.

Eddie Layton was friends with one of my friends, Eddie Dimaio, immortalized in that early Cinema VII film, The Ruins, circa 1969. It was ten years later that the two Eddies became friends. I visited him in his climate controlled apartment three times. I wonder if he still has that amazing miniature train set?

I was self-abused as a child and I've decided to sue the city for not sending me a social worker, even though it happened long ago because infancy tolls the statute of limitations and my infancy extends into my forties. I actually did file a claim against NYC today but that's because 90 days ago the thin front wheel of my childhood racing bike slipped into a grating of parallel bars, sending me face first into the metal faster than I could put out my hands, smashing my teeth and splitting my lip. Yes, I was riding on the sidewalk and once again I really should commence a lawsuit against myself.

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