Tuesday, July 31, 2001

There are no mosquitos around, and again I have a cold. Aha! There's spraying going on in these parts.

Other contributing factors to a feeling of illness which is going away as I type -- the full body swedish massage I had at The Penninsula Spa yesterday.
The membership coordinator, a pleasantly handsome fellow named Dennis, recommends the Champagne facial.

One of the fellows there took my shoes and returned them with a beautiful shine. These are super shoes by "Havana Joe" and before he restored them, they looked dry and beaten. Now they leave a black mark upon whatever they touch.

One of the guys in the steam room, referring to it, said to another guy, "You put one of these in your place?"

I sarcastically thought, yeah, sure.

He said, Yeah, sure, but not as big as this.

"How big?"

"Actually about as big is this. We had to drop the ceilings."

"You can't have the ceilings too high."

"No, the steam rises."

One of them was spraying.

I thought, give me that, and said, "What makes the menthol?" No ingredients listed, just a warning: Flammable. "What is this stuff?"

He shrugged.

My skin was soft from the oils.

"My corpse is ready for its close-up Mr. Demille!"

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