Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh yes, I am grateful to have the music set tonight. I've been active with various matters over the month of April and I'm always grateful to see the end of April. No, I never set music to The Wasteland, but here's the page with my 1970's interpretation of TS Eliot's Four Preludes:

The performance tonight introduces to my songs the sound of the sitar...

SideWalk Waltz (Back to the Simple Days)Two Cranes

I Love the Law

Love Them Both

Question of Solitude Theme Song with SitarVision Quest 1 -- Peaceful Day

alternate version:

Vision Quest 2 -- That Much Better

Vision Quest 3 -- Give This Chant a Chance

Along the Highway in B

My Defenses are Down (Cover of a Song by Irving Berlin

Anything else? Electronica is a major timewaster... I buy something and getting it up and running takes time... That time must be factored in... how about buying something out of an open box, something that's tested and used... Good. I want something old that works. Now, I bought a toy video camera with an SD card attachment, I got a mini sd card... 4 gig... anyway, this storage system is very small and there are no moving parts... is the disappearance of the info only a magnet away? There's not that much space, or there's a limitless amount of space in the universe... what else? I was sick over the month and there was advice from Tyr Throne... we're not really carnivores, maybe we're omnivores but with the length of the digestive tract... we're absorbing over a period of time well beyond cats and dogs and other carnivores... and over that 24 hours the stuff has to be pretty stable... it can't be overly fermentible... as for anything packaged for shelf life... maybe salt is ok... other creative consultant bombshells from Tyr... revealing concealed estros... It's all part of A Question of Solitude now... thank you.

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