Saturday, November 09, 2019

Corey Meredith plays vinyl Now That You Run from Me on $400,000 Martin L...

Songs of The Golf Wars came out on Vinyl in 2018.   Here is the album played on a simple, simply expensive and basically excellent stereo system introduced to us at the Hi-Fidelity Fair.
As for my own audio plans, I have a trio tube receiver that I imagine one day repairing... I've had limited luck with getting anyone to help with that.   I got a automatic record changing dual turntable from ebay which had its issues because of a decay in the mount for a grado cartridge, it's the same one that came with the denon turntable I've had for many years at home.   I like the Grado people in Brooklyn.   They used to actually take my calls but now it's replacement needles online, maybe using needle doctor?  The beige low end grado cartridges I'm using will take their more expensive needles.   This reminds me of the Bang and Olufsen cartridge Michael Duffy mounted on my Gerard turntable transforming all sound, and I've never been able to replicate that though I do have the B&O replacement needle.
The Gerard turntable always ran a bit fast and I had no idea how to adjust it.   Now the dual and the denon adjust and can match the piano tuning.  
The dual has a lighter tone arm. Also it plays stackable records so we can listen to the LPs laid out for stacking, mostly operas.
For home I use four bose speakers, two wood from 1985 and two plastic, for outdoors? to fill the room.
The amp is an akai transistor that is over 30 years old and just works continuously including the remote control.
To me it's all about the needle.   

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