Tuesday, July 10, 2001

Opening night, Wise Sophia opened well with Patsy in the lead. She went out an author but came back A STAR! It's always a special occasion when she takes to the stage. Throat illness prevented Regina Spektor from accepting a gift of greatness from posterity. Afterwards I dropped off my stuff at home and walked over to a friend's apartment to relax and watch barbarella (I'm being uncharacteristically discrete here, and will readily stop given the green light)

The Barbarella film lightly stimulated without quite opening a minefield of obsession from my childhood.

My dear friend has a beautiful pre-war apartment on a tree lined block, and on the way I saw that it had been speckled with stapled cardboard poster paper that mounts on street signs, quite prominently announcing a new snoop big doody dog seedeee (It read "P. Diddly, the Bad Boy Family, the Saga Continues." I prefer The Beatnuts) so publicists clearly respect the block enough to make announcements worthy of Irving Place where the concert venues for these things usually is.

There was also a man sitting on the sidewalk against the building wall head hunched over into his knees, a plastic bag of kodacolor jigsaw puzzles by his side.

That block has tendencies that the police of the Guilianni administration do not tolerate and have not for nearly eight years.

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