Wednesday, July 11, 2001

Yes, thanks to Blogger I've become unstuck at the keyboard. Here's what I sent him:

I saw Phil Oches drunk on the Alice Tully stage.

I saw Genesis after Peter Gabriel Left.

The Talking Heads Forest Hills Concerts were good. I saw them at Wollman's Skate Rink with B52s opening. The big suit was somehow the closest thing I saw to a rock performer's fred astaire homage.

Elvis Costello was usually good. I saw him at Jones Beach and got to meet him back stage thanks to my sister.

Peter Allen, Bette Midler, it was always easy to walk in on their shows.

Hendricks opened for Monkees at Forest Hills, I was there...

S&G at Forest Hills after Bridge Over release, almost as big as
Beatles at Forest Hills.
Hey, we were outside listening to the ambient yells and fragments of music.

A lady took me to The Ritz, was that Studio 54 at some point? We saw, good heavens, the girl I loved from a wonderama saturday daytime gig, Edie Brikell.

Then I went to Jones Beach to see her open for the talented guy from the eagles.

She's my favorite.

My other favorite show was Debbie Harry's solo gig at The World....

Uh, we saw David Bowie at the Garden doing his "Stage/Station to Station" show surrounded by the models, was it a highschool gymnasium, we splurged on 30dollar tickets which put us in the 14th row. What were all those people doing up there behind us?

Roy took me to see Prince from the second row. Talented. Radio City used to host concerts of interesting performers. Susan took me to see Dylan there with the Saturday Night LIve Band from across the street. Stevie Wonder there was beatific, truly adored by the women on stage with him, deservedly so, he's a god.

I love performances by The Voyces, Steve Espinola, Kenny Davidsen, Drew Blood, John Kessel, Tony Hightower, Lach and The Secrets, Paleface, Lenny Malatov, Dina Dean, The Heller Project/Syndrome/Boys Wonders, Pine Box, Bendik, Lunchin, more...

Oh, those Zappa Palladium Halloween shows. The thin crawling cloud of weed smoke wafting into our nostrils. Rare moments, same as on the albums, but those are my favorite musical moments to be reexperienced ad infinitum.

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